2017-18 Club Coaching Days

Several similar coaching days will be offered throughout the district this year, bringing essential club excellence training to clubs to help them become stronger and more effective in providing service to their communities and to establish links between the clubs and individuals who can advise and assist them in their efforts.

This event is specifically designed to be:

  • Accessible (located close to clubs within driving distance)
  • Affordable (costing only a minimal amount for food and materials), and
  • Substantive (offering high-quality information in an interactive format).

We intend this event, and those like it, to be the most valuable club strengthening activity of the year for every club in the Carolinas.

NEW!  Any club that started the new Kiwanis year with 20 members or less will get one free registration ($25 value) to the Club Coaching Day of their choice.

Simply email which coaching day you would like to attend by the deadline to be registered.

Rocky Mount Coaching Day Registration Deadline July 13.

Planned Dates (click link below for registration)

January 20, 2018            Florence-Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC

March 10, 2018               Midlands Technical College Northeast Campus, Columbia, SC 

May 5, 2018                    Guilford Technical Community College Jamestown Campus  

July 21, 2018                  Nash Community College, Rocky Mount, NC

September 15, 2018         Blue Ridge Comm College, Henderson Co Campus, Flat Rock, NC

Who Should Attend? 

Any Kiwanian in the Carolinas District is welcome to attend.  But, every club within a two-hour driving radius of each event should plan to have representatives attend .  Club officers, Board members and committee chairs will find the material offered here particularly useful.  However, any member will benefit from the information being presented.

Why Is This Important? 

Every club, regardless of size or strength, can grow and become stronger, and more effective in serving the youth of their communities.  This may be your only opportunity this year to get all this information in one place, on one day, close to home, and easily affordable.

Kids Need Kiwanis! 

And, Kiwanis Needs Stronger, More Effective Kiwanis Clubs.

Program Overview


Program Descriptions


Keynote Address

“Making A Difference in Today’s World.”  Kiwanis leaders make a difference in their communities every day.  Learn the 5 essential elements of successful Kiwanis clubs and discover how you can use them to lead your club, provide improved service to the community, and make a bigger difference in the lives of the children you serve.  Contains Newly Revised Material

Track 1: Service Growth

“Rediscovering Your Community.”  Communities and community needs are constantly changing.  Find out how your club can gather the information it needs to assess what the community needs and how your club can best meet those needs.

“The Power of SLP Sponsorship.”  Service Leadership Programs (SLPs) and branded service activities are the “crown jewels” of Kiwanis.  SLPs not only serve the youth of your community in ways that no other programs do, they help bring new members and new vitality to your club.  Learn how to start, expand or improve your club’s sponsorship of these vital gems.  Contains Newly Revised Material.

“Building Signature Projects.”  Strong Kiwanis clubs all have one or more projects that they are uniquely known for in their community.  Find out about some of these “signature projects” and learn how you can start one of your own.

“Strategies for Community Partnerships.”  Together we can do more.  Discuss strategies for forming partnerships with others in your community and obtaining sponsorships to expand your fundraising and service impact beyond your own membership.  Contains Newly Revised Material

Track 2: Membership Growth

“The Role of the Membership Chair.”  The club membership chair has become one of the most critical members of the club leadership team.  A strong, energetic membership chair is critical, not just to recruiting new members, but also to ensuring members are engaged and active in service, feel valued for their contributions and are eager to remain with the club.

“Strategies for Attracting New Members.”  Opportunities and methods for attracting new members to a club have grown dramatically in recent years.  This session will explore both new and time-tested strategies for inviting new members to engage in Kiwanis service.

“Engaging and Retaining Members.”  Members will not stay with a club for long unless they are engaged in relevant, productive service and feel valued for their contributions.  Come explore ways to ensure that your members are active and happy in their Kiwanis service.

“Creating Exceptional Member Experiences.”  Discover new ways to enhance the member experience by developing new meeting formats, expanding member communications, and injecting new energy into your club’s meetings and activities.  New Session

Track 3: Club Strengthening

“Strategic Planning for Clubs of All Sizes.”  Strategic planning is the process of determining where a club is going and how it is going to get there.  It is something that every club, of any size, should be doing on a regular basis.  Come find out how to do it in your club’s unique situation and what you will gain from the experience.  Also, learn about the Kiwanis I-Plan and the District Strategic Plan and what they mean at the club level.

“Leadership and Succession Planning.”  Come explore methods of identifying new leaders among your members and prospective members.  Examine ways to train your members for future leadership roles.  Discuss your need for succession planning and share ideas for fulfilling that need.  New Session

 “Marketing, Public Relations & Branding Your Club.”  In many communities, Kiwanis is “the best story that no one ever heard”.  Learn how to let your community know why you serve, what you do, and how you do it.  Learn how to use the Kiwanis Branding materials in marketing your club.   Find out how to access resources that can help you make your club more visible and better known in the community.  New Session

 “Best Practices In Club Management.”  Tracking key indicators of your club’s performance can help you stay focused on your desired results, improve financial stewardship, and avoid common pitfalls in non-profit organization management.  Learn about some of the often-overlooked administrative aspects of managing a successful Kiwanis club and how to strengthen your club’s management.  Contains Newly Revised Material

Club-Level Action Planning

You and the other members of your club in attendance will work with an experienced club coach to plan specific actions that you can take back to your club and begin immediately to help your club grown, and become more effective in serving your community.

Closing Comments

“Building Stronger, More Relevant Clubs TODAY.”  Learn how your club can work with your Lt. Governor or a trained club coach to help implement the things you have learned and planned today in your club tomorrow.