About the Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation

The focus of the Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. is to support District level operation of Sponsored Youth Programs, scholarships for Key Club and Circle K Club members, Young Children Priority One efforts, new club Children and Youth project development, and Children and Youth project innovation within existing clubs, divisions, regions, or the District.

Foundation History
Your Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation is now a significant factor in supporting various services projects and Sponsored Programs in the Carolinas District of Kiwanis International. It endeavors to adopt and develop supportive services, which will capture the imagination and enthusiasm of all Kiwanians in the Carolinas District. It is a vehicle by which ALL Kiwanians can participate in projects which may be too broad or too costly for individual Kiwanis Clubs to handle by themselves.

In 1974 several Past District Governors, the District Governor, numerous future District Governors, and a few other interested Kiwanians had the vision to organize what very quickly became the Carolinas District Foundation. Seed money came from numerous Carolinas District Kiwanis Clubs; a large share from Clubs in the vicinity of central South Carolina. Incorporation papers were filed with the Secretary of State in North Carolina, and on April 22, 1981, The Carolinas District Foundation, Inc. was issued its “birth certificate.”

From its inception it has enjoyed non-profit, tax-exempt status by both the state of North Carolina and the U.S. Internal Revenue Service. Growth was slow in the early years: from 1974 to 1981, seven years, the total assets grew to only about $15,000. But thanks to many people, especially to Mildred (Mrs. C. A.) Dillon, the Caring Corner was instituted at the 1982 District Convention in Wilmington, North Carolina. That proved to be the impetus which itself contributed substantially and also drew the attention of many Kiwanians to their Foundation. Caring Corners at subsequent District Conventions have been major contributors, as have Kiwanis Clubs, individual Kiwanians, and many, many “just friends.”

The purpose of The Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation is to offer financial assistance to the District, Divisions, and to Clubs to build, aid, foster, and promote the principals, and objects of Kiwanis throughout the Carolinas District. We put special emphasis and priority on financial assistance to our Sponsored Youth organizations - particularly Builders Club, Key Club, and Circle K. Occasionally, at the occurrence of a disaster, your Foundation may offer some financial assistance to the affected community, usually through another Kiwanis District or nearby Kiwanis Club(s).

Foundation Membership and Leadership
Each and every Kiwanian who is a member in good standing of a Kiwanis Club in good standing in the Carolinas District is a member of The Carolinas District Foundation. Final authority as to matters of The Foundation is vested in the Foundation’s Board of Directors - which meets annually and consists of all members of the District Board of Trustees, plus a nine-member Executive Committee, to which three members are elected by the Board of Directors each year for three-year terms, one from each of the three generally-recognized regions used for the geographical rotation of the governance. The Executive Committee, meeting at least quarterly, is in charge of all Foundation operations, reporting to the full Board of Directors at least annually.

In about 1991 the Executive Committee established the policy that only the earnings from investments - plus funds received from any source, which designated the purpose(s) for which, they were to be used - be “spent.” Prior to that time, in an effort to make The Foundation more visible, limited contributed funds, in addition to earnings on investments, were used for grants and projects. Today The Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. has assets of approximately $560,000.00. All funds are invested strictly within the guidelines of a written Investment Policy approved by the Executive Committee.

Click here for the CDKF Bylaws.

Where does the money come from?

Kiwanis Clubs annual giving
Just think: If each Club would donate just $5 per member annually we’d have at least $45,000 to invest each year, the earnings from which would be available ever-after for grants and projects. (Remember, giving to the District Foundation is a legitimate use of a Club’s “Projects,” “Charities,” or “Foundation” funds.)

Stan Perry
CDKF Secretary/Treasurer
PMB 321
10120 Two Notch Road, STE 2
Columbia, SC 29223

Individual Kiwanians
All Kiwanians are encouraged to establish a pattern of regular giving. The “Individual Annual Giving Program” provides for four levels of recognition:

Designation Level Recognition
FRIEND $10 - $29 Certificate
CONTRIBUTOR $30 - $49 Lapel Pin
PATRON $50 - $99 Lapel Pin
BENEFACTOR $100 - $149 Lapel Pin




Gifts “in kind”
Your Foundation gladly accepts stocks, bonds, etc. Under current tax rules, a donor might be able to make a substantial contribution of appreciated stocks, for example, and save considerably on personal income taxes.

There is no finer way to establish a “living” memorial to a deceased member or friend. Unless the donor requests otherwise, the amount given will be invested and will earn interest in perpetuity. Thus, through the use of the earnings from these funds, even the deceased can continue to contribute to worthwhile causes.

Tributes to members or friends in recognition of accomplishments or in honor of special occasions; i.e., tribute to your Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Club President, and/or ??? Honorees need not be Kiwanians.

Remember your Carolinas District Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. in your will. Stocks, bonds, trusts, etc., are acceptable, as is cash.

Life Fellow award
For a contribution of at least $150 you may purchase this for yourself or for a friend, Kiwanian or non-Kiwanian, which you may wish to recognize in some special way. A fine wall plaque will be presented to the individual so honored.

The Carl B. Hyatt Fellowship
One of your Foundation’s most prestigious forms of recognition. A contribution of at least $1000 is required. You, or a recipient you designate, will receive a handsome desk plaque, a formal medallion and a distinctive lapel pin.

The CDKF 1200 Founders Circle
Your Foundation’s highest award. A gift of $1200.00 secures your membership in this coveted circle of dedicated Kiwanians. Developed with the specific goal of growing the endowment to over one million dollars recognition includes an embroidered golf shirt and matching sweater vest, a blazer crest, desk plaque and lapel pin.

Use your imagination

Stan Perry
CDKF Secretary/Treasurer
PMB 321
10120 Two Notch Road, STE 2
Columbia, SC 29223