Grant Request Guidelines - Carolinas District Foundation


Email: Stan Perry, Foundation Secretary/Treasurer

The Carolinas District Foundation, Inc. was founded on April 22, 1981. Since its inception it has been awarded tax-exempt status by the United States Internal Revenue Service. The purpose of the Foundation, of which every Carolinas Kiwanian is a member, is to provide financial assistance to service programs that agree with and support the objectives of Kiwanis International.

That purpose is achieved by providing financial grants to Kiwanis Clubs, Kiwanis-family sponsored programs, and to Kiwanis service programs whose scope is beyond the means of individual Kiwanians, Kiwanis clubs or local club foundations. Final authority as to matters of The Foundation is vested in the Foundation’s Board of Directors - which meets annually and consists of all members of the District Board of Trustees, plus a nine-member Executive Committee, to which three members are elected by the Board of Directors each year for three-year terms, one from each of the three generally-recognized regions used for the geographical rotation of the governance. The Executive Committee, meeting at least quarterly, is in charge of all Foundation operations, reporting to the full Board of Directors at least annually.

Guidelines For Filing Grant Applications
     1.  Priority will be given to grants involving young children.
     2.  The Foundation encourages Kiwanis-family sponsored programs to apply and will give them priority in funding.
     3.  Generally, capital improvement requests will not be considered, this includes constructing buildings and purchasing land.
     4.  The Foundation Board will not usually consider applications for grants in excess of $5000 nor under $300.
     5.  The grant must further the goals and ideals of Kiwanis and promote the growth and development of Kiwanis in the area.
     6.  The Foundation Executive Committee approves funding of grants four times annually. Standing Committee meetings are held in conjunction with the Mid Winter Conference and the annual District Convention. Two other meeting dates are determined during the fall and spring to provide for quarterly sessions. Deadlines for filing grant applications is 30 days prior to the Committee meeting. Notification of the decision of the Committee will be made no later than 30 days following the Committee’s decision. The decision of the Committee is final.
     7.  Requests that involve “hands-on” Kiwanis involvement will be given priority consideration, as will those requests from clubs that have exhibited past individual and club support of the Foundation.
     8.  The Carolinas District Foundation must be named/credited for funding the grant.
     9.  The recipient organization of an approved grant may spend up to and including the specified amount for the sole purpose of the program for which the amount was approved, and will receive up to the approved amount after submitting copies of paid invoices to the Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the Foundation, or may request that the Foundation pay the vendor invoices directly.
     10. Requesting clubs must be in good standing with the District and Kiwanis International to be considered for funding.
     11. The Foundation requires grant recipients to submit a final accounting report on the project as relates to funds provided. Do not provide copies of receipts unless requested.

Click here to apply for all grants EXCEPT for Service Leadership Program Charter Expenses.

Click here to apply for grants for Service Leadership Program Charter Expenses.