Prep for your new role with leadership training

Are you a rookie in your new club or district leadership role? Know what to expect—as well as what’s expected of you—with online Club Leadership Education.  Log in to the Kiwanis Connect system and take a class. These self-guided tutorials are ready whenever you are and are specific to each position: secretary/treasurer, president, membership chairman, lieutenant governor and—new this year—board member. The new board member module includes Roberts Rules of Order, basic board function and structure and knowledge that will be helpful in running smooth, productive meetings. Log on as often as you need to use this information as a resource. 

Another valuable resource for new leaders is the Leadership Guide, which includes a list of responsibilities, timelines and sample forms. Download the entire guide or the appropriate section. 

Live Training 2017-2018


Presidents-Elect, Club Secretaries, Club Treasurers
Incoming Club Presidents as well as club secretaries and club treasurers will have an opportunity to attend a workshop, which will prepare them for their responsibilities. 

When?  Friday of the 2018 District Convention

Where?  The Sheraton Imperial, Durham, NC

Cost:  $25 per participant

Registration begins at 12:15 pm .   

Topics to be discussed include: committees, meetings, membership, public relations and sponsored youth, among others.  Mark your calendars now and come and meet your colleagues, exchange ideas and share successes. 

Leadership Guides will be distributed during the CLO. This is different than previous years, where Kiwanis International MAILED the guide to each club secretary in May. 


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